About Us

Have you ever read a book, or a blog, or checked out a conference and wanted to know who the people involved were on a slightly more personal basis? Like knowing what they look like and enjoy doing and talking about? It's nice to know who you are hearing from, to put names to the faces, and be assured they are real people, just like you and me. We Shall Speak is very real, as are all of it's authors. We want to know you, through your comments and emails, and we want you to know us, too. We are comprised of several different people, and we want to introduce ourselves to you. We hope you will enjoy getting to see our hearts through our introductions, blog posts, and books (that are in the works).

Kaitland C.

Kaitland is an eighteen year old homeschool graduate, and founder of We Shall Speak- The Jeremiah 1:7 Project. Her passion for her Savior is evident in all her works of writing, as is her passion for written words. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, but loves meeting new people as well. Kaitland is the author of http://flowersfading.blogspot.com/ , and has written and published multiple short stories and essays, as well as working on her many current book ideas.

Name: Josh B.
Age: 12
Location: Sykesville, MD
About Me: I have lived in Sykesville most of my life. I lived in England for a while, and visited many countries in Europe and Asia. I am a history geek, and love WWII.

We do have more authors, and are in the process of setting up bios for them. Please be patient as we arrange this all. We do want you to meet us all!

~The We Shall Speak Team